Closed Pusher Metal Strapping Seals

Our closed pusher metal strapping seals are available in sizes from ¾ inch to two inches, backed by unparalleled quality. Designed for use with high-tensile steel banding, these closed pusher metal seals are used with high-tensile, side-action sealers. Designed for use with pusher tools, closed pusher metal strapping seals are used in the packaging of round or irregularly shaped packages such as coiled rods and pipes.

There are 1000 closed pusher metal strapping seals to a case. Use them with our pneumatic pusher tools, which combine the functions of sealing, tensioning, and cutting – all in one piece of equipment.

To find out more info about our closed pusher metal strapping seals, or any of our other high-tensile steel banding products, visit at 888-803-8140.

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