Woven Cord Strap

Our woven cord strap, built with superior strength for any application, features various break cord lashings for your convenience. Break strengths include 7700 pound and 11,000 pounds depending on your application needs. Part of our poly cord strapping line, this woven cord strap is available in:

  • AAR Type 1A Grade 7 Approved 1-5/8″ x 330 Ft. x 11,000 lb Break Cord Lashing
  • AAR Type 1A Grade 6 Approved 1-5/8″ x 600 Ft. x 7700 lb Break Cord Lashing

Woven cord strap provides many benefits, as it is the best way to tie down cargo for shipping and absorbs shifting load impacts better than steel banding.

Not sure which one you need? Give us a call and we can provide additional guidance on your purchase of our woven cord strap.

To find out more info about our woven cord strap at great prices, visit Strapping-Products.com at 888-803-8140. 

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