Bonded Strap

Bonded strapping brings several benefits over traditional, manually-applied products like metal banding, steel straps, rope, stretch film and plastic straps. Compared with those items, bonded strapping has a faster application, is safer, and is more cost effective.

This type of strapping is joined by a knot or it can be utilized with buckles, tensioners and tools to make up a more reliable joining system. The straps are tensioned with manual or pneumatic tensioning tools.

Advantages of Bonded Strapping

  • Gentle on fragile surfaces and edges
  • Less costly than steel strapping or wires
  • Superior strength when used in conjunction with our Phosphate Buckles
  • Safer to handle, use, and dispose of.
  • Up to four x lighter than steel straps or wires
  • Ability to be hand tie in many cases.
  • Use with knots or buckles for easier binding.
  • Dynamic load movement is able to be absorbed strapping elasticity.
  • Won’t stain or rust on items.
  • Weatherproof as well as UV-resistant

Bonded Strapping: Industry Applications 

  • Landscaping
  • Agriculture
  • Nursery
  • Automotive
  • Bailing Corrugated, Plastic, Straw, Hay
  • Printing
  • Meat Processing

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