Solid Mighty Line Tape

Available in 100-foot rolls, our quality Solid Mighty Line Tape comes in a variety of colors for your warehouse floors, from black and blue to green and brown. Two inches wide, our Solid Mighty Line Tape comes in solid colors only, as evidenced by the name. This thick, adhesive backing won’t leave any residue when removed. For application, peel the liner off, then stick to a dry, clean surface such as flooring or walls.

This Solid Mighty Line Tape is warrantied to stay put for three years, with no wait time after application. Rest assured, you can continue industrial wheel traffic immediately. The beveled edges of our Solid Mighty Line Tape can withstand constant traffic. Thick as two credit cards, you can use Solid Mighty Line Tape in place of messy paint and low-quality thinner tapes within your warehouse. Come check out all the colors we offer!

To find out more info about our Solid Mighty Line Tape, visit at 888-803-8140.

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