Strapping Tensioners

We sell a variety of strapping tensioners, which are devices that create and maintain tension by applying force. Ideal for strapping and lashing cargo, tensioners are a durable solution for the precise securing of your products. Giving you an easy, secure, and fast application of tension, our strapping tensioners work in an ergonomic fashion to ensure your comfort.

Some of our strapping tensioners include:

  • Entry-grade poly strapping tensioner w/cutter
  • Heavy-duty battery tool
  • Wide extruded polyester strapping tensioner
  • Manual poly tensioner
  • Regular duty ratchet tensioner

Whether you’re working with plastic strapping or polyester strapping, we have you covered with our many strapping tensioners.

Eager to know more about our full line of quality strapping tensioners? Visit at 888-803-8140.

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