Utility Knives

From self-retracting safety knives to smart retract utility knives, we offer a variety of utility knives here at Strapping Products as part of our utility knives and cutters product line. Designed with comfort and accuracy in mind, you can use our utility knives for downsizing boxes or any other use within your warehouse.

Our utility knives are extremely versatile. For instance, our Manual Utility Knife gives you a choice of five blade positions, whereby you can customize the blade length for unique jobs. Some of our utility knives include:

  • Manual utility knife, ceramic blade
  • Retractable classic design with thumb rest
  • Retractable knife with scoring blade
  • Retractable translucent knife
  • Self-retracting safety knife
  • Smart retract utility knife, ceramic blade

Eager to know more about our utility knives? Visit Strapping-Products.com at 888-803-8140.

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