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Strapping-Products.Com Now Offering FROMM Packaging Systems

At, we’re always looking for the highest quality tools and materials for the strapping industry. One industry leader that has been a go-to in the industry for decades is FROMM Packaging Systems. We’re proud to be a distributor of FROMM tools, which gives our customers access to their vast array of strapping tools.

A Bit Of History About FROMM

FROMM was established in 1947 as a Swiss family business. Even today, 75+ years later, FROMM is still family-owned and operated and respected as one of the top producers of tools for palletizing and securing goods for transport. FROMM specializes in a variety of packaging systems, including:

  • Strapping Machines
  • Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines
  • Our Own Patented Airpad Pillow System

With over 1200 employees and 40+ subsidiaries worldwide, FROMM stands ready to provide you with the highest-quality packaging systems and unbeatable customer service after the sale.

At, we’re always looking to work with companies that share our commitment to product excellence and the highest level of customer service. We feel strongly that FROMM shares our values, which is why we’re so excited to add them to our lineup of products available on our website.

FROMM Offers Short Lead Time Thanks to Strong Distributor Network

Many packaging system manufacturers have extremely long lead times, making it difficult to obtain tools quickly. In fact, some companies quote a lead time of 12-18 months for certain packaging systems. This can be extremely difficult for companies that rely on these products to package and transport their goods.

Thanks to FROMM’s extensive distributor network in the US, we can deliver most products to our customers within one week, which is unprecedented in the packaging system industry.

A Strong Warranty Is Another Reason We Recommend FROMM Packaging Systems

Aside from the high-quality products and quick lead time, FROMM also offers a 12-month warranty, which is much longer than many of its competitors. Many other companies provide short warranties of only 60 or 90 days. When you include the more extended warranty with FROMM’s high-quality products, it’s easy to see why so many companies choose FROMM for all their packaging needs.

Reach Out to Today to Learn More About Our Wide Range of FROMM Packaging Tools

If you’re interested in learning more about the different options we have available from FROMM Packaging Systems don’t hesitate to contact the team today by phone at 888-803-8140 or by email at

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