Supply Chain Disruptions May Be Here to Stay

For those tired of seeing fully loaded container ships splashed across the media, there may be bad news—a lot more is likely in store!

It seems there is a shortage of everything today. Believe it or not, a local bagel store posted signs last week that read, “Due to a nationwide shortage, we will not have cream cheese until further notice.” Cream cheese!

Add your favorite spreads to the growing list alongside microchips and home appliances—driving prices through the roof in multiple industries, especially the automotive and construction sectors.

Drastic Changes in Consumer Behavior are to Blame

With much of the world figuring out how to manage new waves of Covid-19, bottlenecks are still a struggle as spikes in demand are colliding with a hampered catchup from virus-induced shutdowns.

The global market is seeing inflation and labor shortages alongside current supply chain problems; businesses and consumers should get comfortable because we could be here awhile.

While companies are doing all they can to try and avoid passing the rising costs on to consumers while riding out the disruptions, there is only so much retailers can do before having to either raise prices or fold parts of their business entirely.

The logistics of a product making its way from original manufacturer into the hands of the end user has been given little thought by anyone until recently. The turmoil in countless supply chains across the globe is now in the forefront of everyone’s mind across the country.

No End in Sight

Prior to the pandemic, the movement of goods from one place to another felt almost magical. With just a click, you too, could have almost anything you could imagine in your hands in very little time.

Wishful thinking and assumptions that the ‘kinks in the pipes’ would eventually be ironed out are giving way to desperation when it comes to an end in the disruptions.

Business experts are saying disruptions will continue for several reasons. Not only would the demand need to wane and production ramp up, but there are several managerial and technological improvements that are needed to resolve the issue.

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