Benefits of Woven Polyester Cord Strapping Compared to Steel Strapping

Benefits of Woven Polyester Cord Strapping Compared to Steel Strapping

When it comes to strapping down products for transport, there are typically two main options: woven polyester strapping or steel strapping. At, we’re one of the leading providers of woven polyester strapping, which has a number of unique advantages compared to steel strapping.

Key Advantages Of Woven Polyester Strapping

  • Forgiveness – Unlike steel strapping, polyester strapping has much more forgiveness. Once steel strapping hits its breaking point it can snap and cause significant injuries. Polyester strapping has elongation built into the actual product allowing it to stretch a small amount when it’s under tension or when a load gets jolted or dropped.
  • Liability – Individuals have experienced a variety of injuries due to steel strapping mishaps. In addition, road mishaps have occurred where steel strapping snaps or breaks causing the load to fall off the truck.
  • Truck Drivers/Operators Prefer Polyester Cord Strapping – Mainly because of its ease of use, drivers often would rather work with woven polyester cord strapping than steel strapping. If a load comes loose, with Cord strapping drivers can easily just put a tensioner on the strap and retighten the load. Or if they are picking up a return shipment, they can purchase a Drivers kit which includes 250 ft of strap, 100 buckles per tensioner in a tool box all weighing only 17 lbs. This kit makes it easy for the driver to secure his load for return. Drivers simply need a simple Safety knife to cut Cord straps loose when they arrive at a delivery location. However, with steel strapping the process to remove the straps is much more complex, and potentially dangerous.
  • Doesn’t Damage Product – If you’ve ever seen steel strapping affixed to a load of lumber or other materials you’ve likely seen gashes or indentions in the wood caused by the steel strapping. Polyester Cord strapping causes much less damage to loads making for happier customers.
  • Easier to Dispose – Woven polyester cord strapping is incredibly easy to dispose of. Simply wad it up and dispose of it, whereas steel strapping is big, bulky and creates a lot of wasted space when disposed of.
  • More Economical – In most cases cord strapping is less expensive than steel strapping. Steel prices can fluctuate. At, our prices have been fairly consistent even during the COVID pandemic.

Interested In Learning More About Woven Polyester Cord Strapping From

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of woven polyester cord strapping and whether it may be beneficial for you and your company, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at today. We can be reached by phone at 888-803-8180 or through our online contact form. We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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