How to Choose the Right Strapping Material

If you’re looking for the proper strapping material to secure your next load, you likely know that you have several options. While it’s great to have options, the choices can also be a bit overwhelming. There are a whole host of properties that go into choosing the right type of strapping material for your needs. You’ll need to be familiar with terms such as elasticity, recovery, shear, tensile strength, and...Read More

Strapping Tips to Properly Secure Your Load

If you’re securing large loads of freight, you likely are using some type of strapping. The question though is whether you are using it properly. Before you strap your next load, it is important that you ensure that you’re not only using the proper strapping material, but that the technique in which you secure your load is sound as well. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure your next...Read More

How Strapping-Products.Com is Able to Offer Such Competitive Woven Polyester Strapping Pricing

At Strapping-Products.Com we’re always looking for ways to offer the highest quality products to our customers at the most competitive prices possible. As an experienced polyester strapping company, we’ve put together a list of a few of the ways we’re able to offer both competitive pricing and the highest level of customer service. Whenever you’re in need of polyester strapping of any kind, don’t hesitate to reach out to our...Read More

Benefits of Woven Polyester Cord Strapping Compared to Steel Strapping

When it comes to strapping down products for transport, there are typically two main options: woven polyester strapping or steel strapping. At, we’re one of the leading providers of woven polyester strapping, which has a number of unique advantages compared to steel strapping. Key Advantages Of Woven Polyester Strapping Forgiveness – Unlike steel strapping, polyester strapping has much more forgiveness. Once steel strapping hits its breaking point it can...Read More