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Best Types of Lighting for Industrial Warehouses

A well-lit warehouse does more than look good; it is a matter of safety and liability. But what type of lighting is the best? There are several considerations when choosing a lighting solution for your warehouse. Warehouse size, bulb lumen intensity, lifespan, efficiency, and ease of installation are just some factors that can affect your decision on what type of lighting is best for you. Here we have broken your lighting options down by type to bring a comprehensive list of the best lighting alternatives you have for your industrial warehouse.

LED Lighting

The most versatile and practical type of lighting is light-emitting diode or LED lighting. LEDs are incredibly long-lasting and high-quality bulbs that can burn for over 100,000 hours and last many times that of incandescent or halogen lighting. Additionally, LED bulbs come with a higher price tag than most, but that cost is mitigated not only by their long lifespan but their incredible energy efficiency compared to traditional bulbs. Finally, LED lighting burns bright and can come in any lumen requirement you need without causing unneeded heat radiation. The only major drawback of LED lighting is that they don’t burn out and instead tend to dim as they die, necessitating quick replacement at the end of their lifespan.


Incandescent lighting is the most common light bulb still used today. They are among the cheapest bulbs to purchase and offer a consistent high-lumen lighting option for any size warehouse. However, incandescent lights are also among the shortest-lived bulb option and will require constant maintenance to keep your workplace lit. You can only expect incandescent bulbs to last around 800 hours, with high-efficiency products capping out at 1200.


Fluorescent lighting strikes a happy medium between incandescent and LED lighting regarding longevity and effectiveness. You can expect fluorescent lighting to last about 20,000 hours with a maximum intensity of 100 LM/W. They use roughly 1/5 the energy of incandescent lighting. However, it comes with several drawbacks. Chief among the arguments against fluorescent lighting is that it contains toxic materials and can age quickly when turned off and on consistently.

High-Intensity Discharge

HID lights are a typical warehouse lighting alternative, although they are not ideal for indoor lighting options. HID lights can take a while to warm up and are relatively inflexible regarding lumen intensity and versatility. However, unlike incandescent lighting, HID lights have a lifespan similar to fluorescent lighting while being cheaper to produce.

Types To Avoid

Halogen: Unless you require direct and incredibly bright lighting in a single direction, you should leave halogen bulbs in the past where they belong. Halogen lasts only a fraction as long as LED, despite being more efficient and longer lasting than incandescent. Further, they pose a significant risk if broken, and their increased intensity comes at the cost of high heat radiation, which can increase cooling costs when used extensively throughout a warehouse facility.

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