Woven Cord Strapping

Featuring approval by the American Association of Railroads, you can’t go wrong investing in our quality woven cord strapping. In fact, all our woven cord strapping products have been tested by the AAR and given their seal of approval. You will notice the AAR approval number displaying the polyester strapping’s quality on the package. Available in different weights and lengths, this approval indicates the woven cord strapping has met the strictest specifications set forth by the American Association of Railroads.

Comprised of high-grade resins, you can’t beat its durability. In addition to woven cord strapping, our related AAR strapping products include:

  • Composite cord strapping
  • Polyester strapping
  • Woven cord lashing
  • Poly cord strapping
  • Much more

To ask additional questions about our wide variety of woven cord strapping, visit Strapping-Products.com at 888-803-8140. 

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