Lashing is made to keep cargo safe, secure and free from damage when transported by road, sea or rail. We have many cargo lashing products to accommodate any need when it comes to cargo securing systems.

Industries that use lashing include:

  • Machinery –construction, engines, equipment
  • Steel and metal – Pipes, beams, sheeting
  • Auto – cars and parts in transit
  • Lifting – Cranes
  • Chemical – Containers and drums
  • Construction – Scaffold, concrete products, precast, bricks and brick yards
  • Shipping – Cargo, crates, containers, bundled loads
  • Ports and terminals – Packing, loading, lifting
  • Export Packing – Cargo for import/export.
  • Pulp and paper – Bulk transport
  • Plastics – Castings, pipes, sheeting
  • Vessels – Containerization, irregularly-shaped cargo
  • Transportation – Railroad, trucking

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