Polyester Strapping Coils

Our Polyester Strapping Coils are stronger and more rigid than our polypropylene options, and are often used as replacements for steel strapping in several industries. Typically used in heavy-duty bundling applications like shipping metals, bricks, pallets and other heavyweight packages, you can’t go wrong with the strength and durability of polyester strap.

Our 16×6 polyester strapping coils are safe and easy to use, as well as cost-effective and efficient, featuring high tension levels. Polyester strap also won’t rust or stain your products. In addition, polyester strap can be used with seals, tensioners, and battery-operated combination tools.

To find out more info about our Polyester Strapping Coils at great prices, visit Strapping-Products.com at 888-803-8140. 

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