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How to Keep Your Warehouse Cool During Hot Weather

No one wants to work in an extremely hot workspace, and it’s becoming harder to keep a space cool with rising temperatures and wild storms tearing through the nation. Not only does heat cause discomfort, but it can also lead to injuries like heat stroke and even damage to goods on the shelves of a warehouse. As a warehouse owner, employer, or manager, it falls to you to ensure your workplace is comfortable and safe. So, how can you keep your warehouse cool during unprecedented hot weather?

Good Ventilation Is Key

Hot air is the enemy, and ventilating it out of your warehouse is your most effective weapon. Adding portable industrial-sized fans can remove debris, dust, hot air, and fumes from the warehouse and act as a cooling source for employees, costing less than a massive air conditioning unit with extensive electricity costs.

Shut Down Unused Machinery

Heavy-duty packing, shipping, and other large pieces of machinery pump out heat, which can get trapped in your warehouse. Shutting down machinery that isn’t operating can allow time for cooling and airflow to return to normal.


Insulation is the most effective way to trap warm or cool air inside your warehouse. Ensure that you have sufficient insulation installed in the ceilings and walls of your warehouse so that warm air doesn’t leak in from outside. However, insulation can’t work if doors and windows are open, so only open your bay doors or windows when loading or unloading to make the most of this vital resource.

Use White Paint

If you have a dark or discolored roof, it may be time to consider painting it white and keeping up on painting maintenance. The color white acts as a reflector for sunlight, bounding the rays away from your warehouse. On the contrary, darker-colored roofs will attract the light and heat the top of your property, which can funnel down inside and cause cooling issues.

Install Dehumidifiers

Humidity in the air causes sweating to become less effective and can make even cooler areas nearly unbearable. Installing dehumidifiers and maintaining their maintenance removes humidity from the air, making it feel cooler without needing extra air conditioning to battle the elements.

Install Portable Air Conditioning Units

Is your HVAC system just not cutting it in some warehouse locations? Installing portable AC units around hot areas, like those with heavy machinery or near doors, can lower the burden on your central system and provide spot cooling relief for employees.

Consider Truck Shelters

A truck shelter creates a barrier between delivery trucks and your warehouse walls, keeping out fumes and extra heat that radiates from the engine and walls of the truck. However, they will only work if the warehouse doors are sealed off from the outside air, which can require some significant structural changes, but these shelters are often worth it in the long term.

Purge At Night

Hot air rises, and cool air falls. By setting up your system to purge air near the roof at night, you can replace it with fresh, cool air while the night assists with cooling. This air purging can lower electricity bills and simultaneously provide a comfortable workplace.

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