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Tips for Running An Efficient Warehouse

With advancements in technology, increasing customer bases, and a culture of quick delivery in today’s day and age, there is an expectation of efficiency to keep up with the fast-paced demands of customers. Managing your warehouse efficiently is about more than just financial success. It is necessary to break even on the rising costs of doing business. So, what can you do? Find out below as we break down some of the top tips for running an efficient warehouse.

Plan Your Layout Effectively

A practical layout is imperative to starting your warehouse efficiency on the right foot. Some of the things you can do to improve the design include:

  1. Minimize Wasted Space – Utilize all your space with as little wasted area as possible. Logically arrange your items, perhaps by SKU, and plan out pallet transport routes like highway lanes. This will keep products flowing without traffic jams between workers or pallet movement systems.
  2. Use a Warehouse Management System (WMS) – A WMS is an automated system that can order your products by popularity and help you organize pallets more efficiently. At the same time, you can also see what products aren’t moving and put these into storage or remove the products altogether.
  3. Forecast Demand – Use a program to forecast demand and look toward the future. You can do this by collecting historical data, watching market trends, and employing an inventory analyst to manage forecasting and allow management to focus on maintaining a proper workflow.
  4. Create Workstations or Work Zones – Keeping employees in a specific zone with the same task, rather than running around all day as a jack of all trades, allows them to stay efficient and develop their methods to maintain a swift but safe pace.

Maintaining A Safe Work Environment Is A Priority

Almost all workplace accidents can be avoided if workers are adequately trained, and in the event of an accident, having a quick response time can be essential to maintaining high efficiency. Warehouse managers should be encouraged to keep a vigilant eye and curb dangerous behavior from employees.

Keep Your Workers Healthy

Warehouses should focus on ergonomics and proper loading techniques to lower the workforce’s risk of injury or strain. Encourage short rests between vigorous activities and prioritize the health of your workers by providing benefits and dissuading dangerous activities.

Prioritize Accuracy Over Speed

While it may be tempting to enforce speedy picking and delivery, accuracy in delivering products will make things run much smoother, improving efficiency and boosting profits.

Provide Adequate Staff Training

Training your staff is essential to running an efficient warehouse. Below are a few tips to ensure you’re spending adequate time and effort training your valued employees.

  • Standardize indoctrination training for new employees so everyone builds on the same foundation.
  • Create benchmarks rather than using enigmatic goals for staff. While stating you want a percentile increase in delivery times, set a bar with realistic goals for your team to work towards.
  • Make good use of incentives. If employees have some incentive to train and maintain practices, it can make it more attractive for them to improve and seek out training rather than burning employees out on mandatory or extraneous exercises.
  • Avoid burnout by ensuring staff are comfortable working. This can include maintaining a suitable temperature to keep workers cool, providing spaces to take breaks, and keeping workers engaged rather than growing bored with repetitive activities.

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