When Stainless Steel Strapping is Used to Secure Transportation Loads

When Stainless Steel Strapping is Used to Secure Transportation Loads

If you’re looking to secure heavy loads while in transit, you’ve likely looked at a variety of different strapping materials. Delivering your products safely and securely is important to the livelihood of all businesses.

One of the strapping materials sold at Strapping-Products.com is stainless steel strapping, which is highly versatile and cost effective for a variety of different applications. Read on to learn more about the versatility of stainless-steel strapping.

What is Stainless Steel Strapping?

There are several different types of strapping that companies use to secure loads in transit, and stainless-steel strapping is just one of those materials. Others include rubber, polyester, polypropylene and many others.

Stainless steel strapping is often chosen due to its high breaking strength. This allows it be used to secure extremely heavy loads. This type of strapping is also ideal for securing loads that may shift during transport. Steel strapping is primarily used because it doesn’t lose its shape very easily unlike some other strapping materials.

In addition, stainless steel strapping is corrosion resistant and is thus able to stand up to harsh elements such as sunlight.

Common Uses for Stainless Steel Strapping

Stainless steel strapping is used in a wide variety of different industries and applications, a few of which include:

  • Used to transport loads with sharp edges
  • Used to secure heavy loads during transport such as lumber, concrete, glass, stone and more
  • Used to lock items in pallets
  • Used for loads with sharp edges

Importance of Thickness When it Comes to Stainless Steel Strapping 

As is the case with all types of strapping, the thickness of your stainless-steel strapping is vitally important. Increased thickness equates to increased strength. Once you have decided on the proper strapping thickness, your steel strapping will need to be properly tensioned and sealed off. This is a critical step to ensure your products are properly secured during transport.

Strapping-Products.com Offers a Variety of Different Stainless Steel Strapping Options 

At Strapping-Products.com, we offer a variety of different stainless steel strapping options depending on your packaging needs. Our most popular option is our 304 stainless steel banding. Feel free to reach out to our team today to learn more about stainless steel strapping and for help determining which option may work best based on your packaging needs.  We can be reached by phone at 888-803-8140 or via email at info@strapping-products.com.

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